How crazy is it that I haven’t properly blogged in so long? Sadly, I’ve been real busy and it sucks because I really enjoyed blogging. Too bad it’s not really a priority. I sometimes wish I could be one of those people who have so much time in their hands they can do things like blogging all the time. But it’s not me.

Anyways that’s not what I’m trying to write about today. I just want to write a life update kind of thing. There are so many exciting  things happening! 

So a little background info, I have always wanted a Corgi literally for the longest time. Recently, my boyfriend offered to get me a dog. At first I didn’t think it was going to be a corgi because it was such a spontaneous idea and it’s just super expensive, and I was just really excited to get a dog I didn’t mind the breed. But then I started to look for people who sell Corgi puppies and I happen so stumble upon an ad on KSL. It wasnt a purebred its half. It was also half the price of a purebred Corgi. Honestly I didn’t get the purebred because it wasn’t going to be ready until September and I wanted a dog a soon as possible!

So there were six puppies in the litter there were four girls and 2 boys. They’re going to be ready on July 16th which is this Sunday! I am literally sooo excited!!! I went to pick out the puppies on the 24th of June. They were only four weeks old. 

This is the one I chose, she’s so cute and she was actually quite calm. I decided to name her Jellybean. Funny story, when my boyfriend and I were thinking of names he suggested Lafawnda and the name stuck for a little and I wanted to call her fawn for a bit but I decided I wanted to call her Bean, and her full name would be Jellybean.

This is her at 6 weeks, her ears are starting to perk up which is so cute!

She looks so freaking cute I am already so obsessed! The first thing I bought for her is her ID tag. It’s bone shaped and it’s got a cute princess crown on it because she’s going to be our little princess. 

Now this is my jellybean at 7 weeks! I can’t wait to take her home. 

I havent bought a lot of her things yet because I’m trying to be sneaky. My dad does not know I’m getting a dog, he’s the one against it. Luckily, my mom agreed and my baby will be here on the 16th! Literally 2 more days I cannot wait. I wanted to take her home the day I saw her! So the plan on Sunday is to wake up early and drive to Heber to get my baby. Then take her shopping afterwards. She’s already getting spoiled on the first day.

I’m actually planning on buying the essentials on Saturday, so she’ll have food and everything once she gets home. I have been dreaming about this day since literally like 5th grade. Finally seven years later, it’s going to happen! Believe in your dreams kids. 


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