Thoughts 2328

Why are you like this? That’s funny I literally ask myself that question everyday.  I need to get my shit together like I don’t understand why I’m freaking out because I have an F but then again I never show up and part of me doesn’t care because I have all my credits. So again, why am I like this?!

Wow I’m jealous of that little girl she gets to travel the world at such a young age.  Why can’t my parents be rich ugh. I think it’s funny humans are never contented. Like yeah I have a better life than a lot of kids my age and I probably have a brighter future than a lot of the kids my age, yet I still want more. I still wish there was more. It’s just funny, we don’t appreciate everything that we have.

I honestly don’t know where I’m going with this I’m just so sleepy. That feeling too, it’s back again. I don’t know my chest feels funny and my stomach it feels weird. Damn I work so much I don’t even ndd $   a

1327 – 31717 I was half asleep writing this and I don’t even know what that last part was supposed to say but I’m not changing anything so there ya go.


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