They are so powerful. Those sounds that come out of your mouth, the characters that you write on paper. A concept that’s so simple but is so important. A way of communication. Something that has to be chosen carefully. Your words can either make you or break you.

You know what they say, choose your words wisely. Once they’re out there there’s no taking them back. Speak kind words only, and never speak lies.

Words are what make people fall in love, keep them motivated and inspired but it can also break hearts and feed negativity to our brain. If you’re gonna say something make sure it has a purpose. Don’t start spitting things out that has no meaning.

If you tell someone you’re gonna do something, then actually do it. Don’t say it if you know you won’t be able to or if you weren’t planning to anyways. Don’t allow anyone to expect anything from you by using your words because you’ll most likely just fail them. Just a nice little reminder. Words can hurt but it can also make you happy. It’s your choice which emotion you want your words to give.


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