Thoughts 0019

I just wish there was something I could have done at the time. I can’t stop thinking about that message. It was just so familiar. I’m worried and upset. It’s not something I can control. I understand why it happened but it still doesn’t make it fair. My eyes hurt. I’m tired I should sleep. My mind’s so awake though. I have other things I’m already stressing about too. I guess something always had to ruin a good day. Something so tragic it broke my heart. I have no control of the situation but neither do I have control of my feelings. Just take deep breaths you’ll be fine in the morning. Aren’t you? Ofcourse you’re always fine. You have to be. 

I hope what I’m thinking never happens. Bummer if it does. Would be a huge loss. I would very devastated a lot more than I am now. I’m tired. 0024. 


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