Note To Self

You’re young, stop stressing over things that won’t matter in five years. I know you think it’s the end of the world if you didn’t get a perfect score on that test but you’ll still live. Your hair doesn’t look good? Chill out, you’ll live. You got something that’s bothering you? Wait a day before you react. If it still bothers you try to logically solve the problem. If a day has gone by and it no longer bothers you then it wasn’t a problem that begin with. Stop wasting time reacting on things that aren’t important. There are a myriad of things you could be focusing on other than moaning about irrelevant issues that probably won’t even matter after twenty four hours. Let go of things you can’t control and live a little. Life is too short to be stressed. So many people waste their lives being worked up on certain things. Well it’s probably not worth it.

Yeah you’re a senior college is a big stressor in your life. I mean it’s your future but take it one step at a time. You worry that you won’t be able to pay for it? Stop being lazy and apply for scholarships. I know you’re upset you didn’t get the scholarship you wanted from the college you chose, but that’s life. You’re just gonna have to work harder and apply for more scholarships. Yeah I know you haven’t done that yet but you really should.

Stop reacting over little things. It’s not healthy. It won’t do you or other people any good. Just take a moment and think about it first. Ask yourself Is this still gonna bother me in 24 hours?”  If the  answer’s no then it’s not something you should make a big deal out of. Don’t be a handful, you don’t want people to get tired of you especially those important to you. Learn when to stop, and react at the right times. Don’t be unreasonable. Always think before you act, you’ll regret it if you don’t. Yeah this is so cliche but it’s true.

Appreciate everything and everyone you have. Don’t focus on things you don’t like or things that are out of your reach. Appreciate the ones around you. You never know how long they’re gonna be there. Yeah especially since you don’t even fuck with a lot of people. Take care of the small circle that you have. (If it’s even considered a circle).

Don’t try too hard, if people aren’t giving the same effort that you’re giving then simply say goodbye. You don’t need to entertain those who don’t want to be entertained. Who needs tons of friends anyways? You’ll live without them, they probably didn’t mean that much to you anyways or vice versa.

One very important thing to remember. Love your mom. She’s always gonna be there for you, you’ll regret it so much when she’s gone. So appreciate her now and don’t be such a brat. She has been there for eighteen years and she will be there for as long as she lives. Yeah I get it you’re growing up, you wanna do things your way but you know she’s just worried. Especially because you’re her only one. Don’t give her such as hard time, because when it comes down to it. You know she’s here because she wants to protect you. And I’m sure she hates it to everytime you distance yourself. Like what they say, you’re growing up but she’s also growing old. You know you’ll miss her when she’s gone. No matter how many times you wished she was, you don’t really mean it. So be a good daughter and take care of her. It’s your turn to do that now.

Ofcourse there’s so much more to remember but I’ll stop there for now. So hopefully everytime you feel like you need to refresh your memory on these things just go back and read this post. Goodluck living.


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