Hello world! Wow it has been so long ever since I last blogged publicly. I missed it so much. I have been very busy, senior year is so stressful! I planned to restart this blog during new years but I got busy until now. But finally I am able to blog and catch up again! Boy there are so many things I want to write about I have no clue where to begin. Let’s just start with a little life update.

First of all with school – it has been so stressful. Second quarter just ended and I feel like a huge weight got lifted off my shoulders. I was not being a good child during second quarter and I skipped a few classes which caused me to have grades lower than an A. It was a pain in the ass. Also calculus became imposible for me because I stopped paying attention (probably not a good idea). I’m taking an EMT class and that’s about the only class I can tolerate. I actually started my hospital clinicals today which was super exciting and exhausting at the same time. So I got accepted to five colleges: The U, SUU, Snow, Dixie, and Westminster. I got a full ride scholarship to SUU and I got a scholarship from Dixie as well. But I really want a go to the U. It’s the most convenient for me and they have a good nursing program. The only thing is its so expensive. Whereas, if I go to SUU I don’t need to pay for tuition. Ugh decisions decisions…

 Life update health – I am trying to be the healthiest that I can be. I have been going to the gym everyday ever since the year started and I have been (trying) to eat healthy. I’m gonna be honest I struggled with that today because I think I’m about to get my period and my crazy cravings were kicking in. But so far I think I’ve been doing really well. 

Life update relationship – My boyfriend and I are dating for almost a year now. I can’t believe our one year is in less than two months. Everything’s great. You have your occasional pettiness (mostly from me) but this is the happiest I’ve ever been and that’s something I always like to remember. 

That’s all I can think of, so far, Christmas and New Years was fun I got to celebrate NYE and Christmas Eve with my boyfriend. I think this new year is gonna be pretty lit. I definitely will have more freedom than ever. I’m graduating in four months and starting college in eight. Oh how time flies.


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