Freedom and fireworks always the best combination.
Well this particular independence day was pretty surreal, because my boyfriend met my parents. Alright before you start thinking How is that a big deal? That’s pretty normal, well its not normal for me because my parents don’t let me date, to be honest they don’t let me do a lot of things. They’re Asian and as strict as Asian parents can be. So it all started when I showed my mom the promise ring that my boyfriend gave me, and then I told her that we’re dating and I told her everything. The next day, my mom decided to tell my dad and after my dad examined my ring he immediately wanted to meet my boyfriend literally on the fourth of July.

It was honestly like a freakin’ interview, if you’re Asian you should know how crazy Asian parents can be especially when the find out that their daughter has a boyfriend. My parents asked all sorts of questions What do you like about my daughter? How do you respect her?  What are your plans for the future?  Why did you give her a ring? etc. Mad props to my boyfriend for surviving that interrogation. Honestly I’m impressed, because it can be pretty damn intimidating to talk to Asian parents. His answers were so sincere I was lowkey fangirling especially when he would talk about me. Best boyfriend award goes to him. Anyway he passed his interview and my parents left us to talk and hang out for awhile until he had to leave. It was so crazy that he finally met my parents and that they’re letting us date. It makes me happy that they saw how much he loves me and that they like him. After my boyfriend left, my parents and I went to park city to watch fireworks. They would mention him every once in awhile it was pretty funny. My mom even asked why he didn’t go with us, I had no idea I could have asked him to come (I was pretty salty because he could’ve been with me). Anyway I got starbucks because I got hungry while waiting for the fireworks (typical). img_20160704_234652.jpg
We got there pretty early so we waited a few hours until it started to get dark. I absolutely love the vibe of park city, it’s so calm and peaceful (atleast before the fireworks). img_20160705_003909.jpg

The sun went down and the fireworks came up, they were so pretty.

This is such a late post but I hope you all had a happy 4th of July! (If you don’t celebrate it I still hope that was a great day for you).


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