May 26, 2016

I know what you’re thinking, FINALLY SCHOOL IS OVER! I am honestly so happy school’s out. I dont think I can bear any more of the stress and misery that school has been giving me. My last day was on Thursday. It was yearbook day, I didn’t even buy a yearbook but I still wanted to go to see my boyfriend and just chill with him the whole day, which we did.
(By the way he’s super cute he got me roses, chocolates and books that day)


I feel so special, he’s honestly the best thing in the world. I have no words for him, I’m so lucky to be his princess.
Anyway here’s a selfie of us just chilling from that day.


Dont mind my face, but he is so cute.
We literally just sat there all day and just talked with friends. It was a pretty chill day. Nothing better than ending the year with your favorite person. I also gave him a little scrapbook that I made


So we looked over that a couple of times as well. I’m actually really proud of this creation. I stayed up all night trying to perfect it. I wanted it to look cute and everything. I think I pulled it off…almost. But then again, Im not the craftiest person ever.

I’m so glad it’s finally summer break. Junior year was the most fun yet most stressful year of all. I really need a 3 month break, away from all the high expectations and the pressure of school. I have so much expectations this summer. I don’t want it to be super boring but I also want it to just be chill. There are a few people I’d want to hang out with and catch up with. I also want to do a lot of things for my own time like read(a lot), bike more (I really enjoy it), run? (I mean I have a treadmill I guess), lots of pamper sessions (lets get that glo up).
I also need to get ready for college stuff since I’ll be applying this upcoming November. I am so excited but  Im also scared. I can’t believe Im going to be a senior and I have one year left of high school. It seams so unreal. Im pretty excited for senior year though, but for now Im trying to make this summer last!


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