I know I’m not the only one who has to live with the burden of having strict parents. There’s probably another teenage girl or boy out there who is trying desperately to break free from their parents’ tight grip. Some parents are so strict you might as well be a prisoner. There are so many struggles that goes with having strict parents. Especially if you’re a teenager.

  1.  When your friends make plans you need a two weeks notice because your mom won’t let you go unless you ask 300 years in advance.
  2. Every time you ask permission to do something the answer is always no.
  3. When you don’t ask permission you automatically turn into the worst child that has ever existed.
  4. They always want things their way and gets angry when you decide to live your life.
  5. Let’s not forget the classic “You’re living in my house you go by my rules.” 
  6. They claim that they want the best for you, so they set expectations but they don’t see you can’t reach that high.
  7. If you fail to meet these unrealistic expectations you are a disappointment
  8. They think you don’t appreciate what they do for you so they guilt trip you into thinking you are ungrateful.
  9. They don’t understand the fact that you are growing up.
  10. When you don’t follow them, or you make one mistake they think you’re rebelling against them.

The list can go on to infinity but we don’t have all day for that. It’s pretty hard to be a teenager with strict parents. Especially because this is the stage where you discover who you are and what you want to be. Your parents can either encourage that or suppress it because they restrict you from doing what you want to do. I believe that parents have the right to guide their children in the right direction, but they don’t have the right to control their children. You need to be able to accept the fact that your kids will not be around forever. They need to learn how to be independent and being controlling is not the answer. I know the strictness comes from the idea that they want the best for you, but it only makes your child want to break free even more. Anyway enough with my ranting. I know having strict parents is hard, but trust me it’s not the end of the world (even though it might seem like it is).

Look on the bright side, you’re not always going to be a teenager no matter how hard they try to control you, they can’t suppress your growth. You will grow older eventually and you will be able to live your own life. It can be pretty discouraging when your parents don’t exactly see your worth because of how high they set the bars for you, but always remember you’re good enough. Everyone’s different you can’t force a farmer to appreciate a scalpel, if you think your parents have too much of a high standard for you don’t feel discouraged. Trust me, you’ll go places. Just think of it as a challenge, work on trying to be better so you can show them how far you’ve gone even if you don’t end up meeting their expectations. Also, try to work around it. Use your convincing skills if you really want to do something and your parents keep saying no. Always play nice, it never fails. If they see that you’re a good child they’ll maybe let you have even the slightest ounce of freedom. I feel like giving strict parents attitude will only make the situation worse for you, especially if you have little control. Just don’t forget this is only a temporary phase in your life, five years from now you won’t have to ask for their permission.

The stress that parents bring can often be tiring and upsetting of course. Here are a few things that I like to do to get rid of stress (this works on any type of stress).

  1. Listen to your favorite songs – music is always the answer. I like to listen to up beat Beyonce style music when I’m stressed out. Singing and dancing just has a certain vibe to it that takes away all of my stress.
  2. There’s nothing that a little ice cream can cure. Well any type of dessert works really (Probably not healthy if you find yourself stressing out a lot, this only works once in a while. I don’t recommend eating your emotions!)
  3. Talk to someone, if they make you happy.
  4. Write about it, this is why I keep a blog and a journal. Writing about your feelings can help you cope and it’ll make you feel better in the end.
  5. Cry only if you have to, it’s okay to cry sometimes especially when everything just gets to you and you feel like you can’t handle it anymore. Just cry it out, you’ll feel so much better afterwards. Let those tears release all of that stress.
  6. Sleep, it’s a little break from life.
  7. Do something that relaxes you, whether that’s going for a walk or watching 10 YouTube vlogs in a row.
  8. Read, it helps you get your mind off of things. A good book can solve everything!



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