PROM 2016

April 23rd 2016 – The City Library
So it’s prom season and I finally got to go to my first ever prom. It was pretty fun, I went with my homegirls. Everyone looked amazing in their dresses! I didn’t go to the day activity because I had an appointment and I took like 3 hours to get ready because I wanted to make sure my hair would stay curly the whole night (it fell after an hour of dancing). Anyway getting ready is always super fun, it’s nice to get dolled up every once in a while.


This was my prom dress, it goes down to my knees. I didn’t want a long dress because Im super short and I don’t want to trip all over the place! This dress is super cute, and not too flashy.
Ofcourse I took like 200 selfies! (Partly because I needed a perfect selfie to send to my boyfriend) Unfortunately he wasn’t able to go but that’s okay we still got Senior prom! So it was just me and my girls, we definitely looked fire last night.



So is my selfie game on point yet? Out of the 200+ pictures I took, I only liked these two the most (the struggle is real). Anyway I left the house around 6 to go to meet all my friend’s. We were at Alexis’s,and I swear I love them for this, when I came in everyone started screaming and freaking out complimenting me. So for like 5 minutes we were all there screaming over how amazing everyone looked! And then we took loads of pictures.



Even our shoes were on point! Mine’s the strappy cream colored one on the bottom. Our feet weren’t on point after 3 hours of dancing in these heels though. We couldn’t even walk, everyone gave up and took them off an hour into dancing. (Im surprised I managed to keep mine on the whole time).


The clique looking hot as ever. I still cant get over how good everyone looked. Damn we were fire, and so after the pictures we were ready to turn up for prom! We had to take two cars since we couldn’t all fit in one, we got to the venue around 7 which was when it was meant to start. It was kind of lame because the weather was not on our side. It rained the whole day! Good thing the venue was indoors.


The library was absolutely gorgeous! We only got to see the floor where prom took place and the one below it because thats where they were doing the pictures. I want to go back and see the library again though, it seems like it’d be fun. I love the architecture of the place!


This was a little bit later when it was dark and everyone was turning up to the music. I loved the songs that they played! They were playing Fergalicious, Hollaback Girl, Wannabe and just a bunch of throwback songs! It was pretty fun. My energy was higher than that ceiling. Dancing always gives me good vibes. Especially if you got an amazing group to dance with!
Anyway I spent the whole time dancing the night away. Everytime they would play a song that the whole squad knows, we didn’t only dance to it but we were also singing (more like screaming) along to the song! There was so much energy that after 2 hours we ended up standing in one corner super exhausted. We only rested for like 5 minutes though because everytime a good song came up, we turned up. I love the theme song for prom it was very dancy. I thought it was going to be a slow song when they announced prom King and Queen but it was actually super upbeat and everyone was able to dance along. Dance with Me Tonight will definitely be stuck in my head for a few days!
Well this was me after prom, I was hungry, exhausted, still hyped but very tired!


Well then that’s a wrap, Prom 2016 was super fun. Can’t wait til next year! (Im definitely going to be more prepared and bring flats).


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