Love is knowing every single detail about someone, but still wanting to be with them more than anyone else. It is trusting them so much that you let down all your walls and let them know everything about yourself. Even the deepest part of you that you wouldn’t show anyone else.

Love is waking up at 5 am already smiling at the thought of him. It is reading poetry at 7 pm and seeing him on the pages. Love is kissing him goodbye and still feel his lips after he leaves. Love is looking into his eyes and feeling butterflies in your stomach. It is obsessing over every single piece of him. It is appreciating everything that he does, no matter how little. Love is when he makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. It’s when he makes you feel like you can do anything, as long as you have his love you are invincible. Love is when the very presence of him gives you life. It is when knowing the fact that he exists makes you happy. Love is when you can’t imagine a future without him. And it is getting excited everytime you think about your future together. Love is when you go crazy, cheesy smile, cover the face, look at the ceiling and freak out, about something cute that he said. Love is when you’re so comfortable and safe with him, but still getting weak knees when he walks into the room and smile at you. Love is when you start missing them seconds after he leaves. Love is him, and I keep falling every single day.

This is for you, a reminder that you are the love of my life. Always have and always will be. Im in love with you and Im blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for letting me  give you all the love that you deserve. I promise, there won’t be a day in your life that you won’t feel my love. I will make sure to always remind you, I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you, and I can’t wait for our future.


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