Love is looking into his eyes and forgetting the whole world around you. It is feeling his kisses hours after he left. It is feeling safe and sound in his arms. It is remembering how he smells like and loving his scent more than anyone elses.

It is smiling every second of the day knowing that he’s the reason behind it. Love is feeling genuine happiness when you see him, even if it’s just a glimpse. It is getting butterflies everytime he holds your hand. It is talking to him non stop but never getting tired of it. Love is finding it hard to let him go when he’s about to leave. It is seeing perfection when he’s standing there beside you and realizing that every moment you’re not with him is too long. Love is when his happiness matters more than your own, and its when you care more about him than you do yourself. Love is when you can’t imagine the future without him because the only one you’ve been dreaming of involves him in it. Love is looking into his eyes and thinking “Wow I am so in love with you, and I am definitely keeping you forever.”


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