1. Jose– 24/7 and more.

2. Food- mostly desserts, I’ve been wanting to bake some sweets lately but I can’t seem to find the time to do so!

3. Graduation- I have a quarter and a year left til I can graduate! The pressure is on and Im kind of excited but scared at the same time.  Im literally applying for college in  November! (Lord help me).

4. The future- my future, mostly our (mine and J’s) future, the world’s future.

5.  Traveling- I have a severe case of wanderlust and I just want to travel already!

6. The Purpose Tour- Yes I am going to Justin’s concert on April 2nd. I am more than excited!

7. Books- I really need to buy more books to read! I am dying to read Lang Leav’s other books and also Michael Faudet’s. I’ve been into poetry lately.

8. Summer- yes it’s almost here! Im so done with school. My cousin is already on summer break since he lives in the Philippines (lucky!)


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