There are gonna be times when you feel like you’re too much. Times when you wonder whether people will be better off without you in their life or whether you would be better off if you were someone different. Less invasive, less vocal. More tolerable, acceptable, and someone better. Yes, it’s hard to cancel out the voice in your head telling you that you’re not good enough. But you have to trust me when I say you’re not too much.

You need to believe that you deserve this life and you deserve to be here. You don’t have to make yourself look smaller for the sake of someone else. You’re allowed to be unpleasant, unapologetic, and uneasily read. You’re allowed to be a hot mess. You’re allowed to use your voice and speak the truth that you believe. And most importantly, you are allowed to take up space in this world, because of who you are and not despite of it. Even though you are not able to see it, you have an important place in this world. There are so many wonderful things that you can contribute to make this world a better place. Even if it’s difficult, even if you struggle often. Even if some people think you’re too much- you matter, so don’t try to change yourself. Being you, is good enough.

P.S Always spread positive vibes! I’ll make sure to do that on this blog.


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