Admit it, you’re not like them. You may say things they say sometimes, occasionally dress like them, and even watch the shows they watch. But you know you’re different because everytime you try to do what they do, it makes you feel more of an outsider.

Everytime you greet someone with the normal “hey how’s it going?” Or “weather’s great isn’t it?” You know you yearn to say forbidden things like “what keeps you up at night?” Or “what do you hold close to your heart?” But you’re hesitant to ask because it’s not something usual. Maybe that’s why you keep a journal, you write your thoughts down because you know they’re different. Until you find someone that you tell everything to. You let them into your thoughts and they don’t care that you’re different. Because maybe they’re thinking the same thing. Maybe they have the same curiosity. Maybe they’re passionate about something too, and they’re dying to talk about it. Just like how you’re dying to talk about your favorite place and why. So don’t be scared to be different. Because maybe that girl across the room is different too. Maybe that guy across the hall wants someone to let him into their thoughts. Take chances, be yourself. Meet strangers, who knows what you might learn? Nobody comes into your life by accident. Trust your instincts. Do the unexpected. Tell that person you love them. Share your deepest thoughts. Ask what you want to know. Dont leave yourself wondering, because only normal people do that.


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