To be wrapped up in your arms
is all I have ever wanted.
And finally the long wait is over,
and it happened.

I never want you to let go,
for it was the best feeling I have ever had.
You held me and squeezed tighter.
Making my day a little bit brighter.
I can’t think of anything better at that moment.
The warmth of your embrace makes me really happy.
Feelings of delight
passing through my body.
There’s not a place in this world I would rather be.
Than with you because you are the happiest place there is.

I’m starting to get convinced that I am my best only with you,
for you are my happy place.
And with you I always find myself smiling
and laughing uncontrollably.
Sometimes I find it difficult to stop and my cheeks begin to hurt.
I don’t mine though, as long as your presence is the reason why I’m smiling infinitely.

You are honestly the best,
and there isn’t a better word to describe you.
The feelings I get every time I’m around you
is something I can’t explain.
All I know is they are hard to contain.
Believe me when I say,
you are my favorite place.
So please stay,
and don’t take my happiness away.


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