Another amazing day, spent with my favorite person.


I can’t even explain how I feel everytime I see him. He just makes me the happiest person. He’s my happy place. Everytime I’m with him Im always laughing or smiling. He lifts up my mood because he’s that great. I couldn’t be happier about the fact that he’s back home. My shitface is the bestest. He’s just something else, I can’t even explain it. I love spending time with him, ever since he came back all I want to do is be with him and see him all the time.



Messing around with snapchat camera filters just because we can. That picture of him is actually really cute, I can’t get over it. We took so many selfies, just because we have been camerawhores since day one. Now that he’s back, Im going to take so many selfies of us. I need to capture all of our memories.


I think he said “Im so done with you” about like 200 million times today just because I was annoying him. (Except he’s not really done with me he just says that). I always give him shit for everything just because I show my love that way.



More selfies just because we can 💖
He’s just amazing. I can’t even put it in words anymore. Is it not obvious that he is my favorite person in the whole world? And that he’s the most important one. Having to spend time with him is the best thing ever. Dont even get me started about his hugs because I literally live for them. I think I hug him about 30 million times everytime I’m with him, just because theyre amazing and because Ive missed him and his hugs.


Hes actually the lamest, but I love him anyway. This is basically an appreciation post about my shitface just because he’s the best and because being with him makes me really happy. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my day than being with him. When Im with him, I’m all smiles. I just love him so much.


We are actually goals.


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