I have tons of letters, but they’re not letters that I got from people. They’re letters that I write about certain things that are important to me. Whether that’s a person, a place, a song; just anything that I find myself thinking about constantly. Writing helps my thoughts escape without anyone having to know what they are. Secret Letters are a way to talk about your deepest feelings, fears, and your wildest fantasies.

Do you ever just think about people, places and things so much that you feel the need to talk or write about your feelings? For most of us, we have people to talk to those random thoughts about. But others doesn’t feel the need to talk about them because they would much rather write about them. I am a little bit of both, which is why I keep a blog and a journal. You might be the same, but you have a hard time keeping up with journal entries and blog posts just because it takes too much of your time…I’ve encountered that problem before, which is why I came up with this incredibly weird idea of writing letters to the things, people, places, thoughts or whatever it is that I want to write about.

It actually works really well for me because it is kind of like a journal entry but then again it’s different. You can literally spill your hearts out on the letter and you wouldn’t have to write every day or every week. You can write everytime you find yourself thinking about something specific. This will show you what the most important thing in your life is. The more letters you write about that particular thing, the more important they are to you. Plus you dont have to give the letter to the person you’re writing it for (this is only of you’re writing to a person, but you can write about other things as long as it crosses your mind a lot). Your secret letters are not really for who or what you’re writing it for, it’s just for you to keep. Sometimes writing about our feelings makes us feel so much better. It’s also nice to hide the letters somewhere safe and then go back to them and kind of reminisce about all of the things that you used to love or about the ones that you still love.

Make this personal, only show it to the one’s that you can really trust, or don’t show anyone at all. Those letters can be for your eyes only. I’ve actually got a couple of letters written. I keep them in a safe storage and I look back and read them from time to time. I’ve written about people, places and just things that run through my mind from time to time. And yes they can even be love letters if you really feel the need to write one, the best thing about it is you can either give it to the person or just keep it and they’ll never know.

I came up with this idea when I had a desperate desire to write about my day or what I’m feeling, but I couldn’t be bothered to keep a journal, and blogging seemed impossible for me. I actually no longer have the very first letter that I wrote, because I no longer feel like I need it in my life. That’s the thing about those letters, you can keep it as a metaphor. Those that you keep safe are the things that you keep safe in your heart as well. The ones that you throw out, rip up, or burn are the things you no longer need or associate yourself with. It could serve as a photograph but with words, be as descriptive as you can be, so that when you read back to the letter you will feel and see the same emotion that you were feeling the day you wrote it. Sometimes it’s great to go back to memories like that. Ofcourse you don’t have to always write about good things, you can also write about the bad. But after you do, make sure you rip it up, or burn it symbolizing that after you wrote your anger down, you are letting it go forever. It’s crazy how much that can help.


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