Saturday, February 20, 2016 was one of the bestest days ever. Since my best friend came back after, and I quote, “18 months,” I had to hang out with him, because when he came to see me it was really quick. So I asked him to come over so we can have our camerawhore moments. I still can’t believe that he’s back, sometimes I ask myself Is this actually real life? I would be so sad if this was all just a dream. But gladly, it’s not. He really is back home and we have been reunited after such a long time!

Since we are camerawhores, I had to take like 50 selfies. I need to capture the moment! I finally have new selfies of him and me on my phone! The ones I have were like 2 years old.



Literally camerawhores for life!
It was actually a really chill day, we were just catching up on each other and talking about everything and anything. I kept bullying him just because I missed him so much. I accidentally got chocolate on his favorite hoodie (I swear it was an accident) I bet he was so done with me, but he loves me so that’s okay. I honestly could not stop hugging him. He owes me 18 months worth of hugs. I forgot how happy I get everytime he’s around. I was literally laughing and smiling the whole day, my cheeks were actually hurting. Having my best friend back is honestly the best thing in the world. Its even better that he’s not leaving anymore, because if he does I’m going to be the saltiest and saddest person ever. So he better not leave me again.


Here’s me being a weirdo using all of the snapchat filter things. I was actually really hyper and the funny thing was he was so tired. His sleeping schedule is all fucked up and he usually sleeps during the day so when we hung out he was sleepy because he would have been sleeping at that time. But I know he’d rather hang out with me. Who needs sleep when he can hang out with me instead? So I kept giving him shit about being so sleepy and tired just because I always do that. Its how I show my love for him 😂



Being able to see him again was everything. I’ve just missed him so much, and not being able to see him for 18 months was the absolute worst. And now that he’s back, we need to make up for all of the times that he was gone and I’m going to capture every single moment.


I’m just glad that even though he was gone for quite some time, we are still as close as ever. I’m glad we didn’t drift apart like how some people do. This just shows how amazing our friendship is and everything we have. You can just say we are literally goals. I’m happy that I still have him in my life, and he will remain in my life. If there’s anyone in this world that I would not want to lose, it would be him. He’s too important to me and I love him to pieces. I am so happy I have my shitface back ❤


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