Day 10: SM Bicutan, MNL 12.28.15
Today was a typical day. It wasn’t too exciting since I spent half of the day in the salon getting my hair done. It took about 5 hours, yes I sat there for 5 hours trying to get my hair done. Beauty is pain. I got it chopped off too, I wanted to change my hair up a bit so it’s like medium length.


Here is a selfie taken from that day. It’s not too short, but considering how long my hair was it looked pretty short but now I’ve gotten used to it.
After the long wait in the salon I was finally finished! So my aunts, cousin and I went to SM Bicutan and watched MMFF My BeBe Love which is a filipino film starring Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards and you guys know how obsessed I am with those two! It was a really funny movie, I actually enjoyed it a lot. It was a weird experience too because the movies in the Philippines are so different and it was so crowded like people were sitting on the stairs. I dont think they care about how many people watch the film. Anyway I was glad I got to experience it, and I finally got to watch AlDub on the big screen! It was also a great bonding moment with my family.



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