So it’s a new year. How crazy is that? 2015 went by so quickly! It’s a bit ridiculous how fast time goes by. But here we are in another year.

(Yes I know this blog post is super late but it has been sitting in my drafts since New Year’s and I haven’t been able to add on to it)
January 1st was a bit tiring for me because I spent it in 3 different airplanes and 4 different airports. This was the day we left the Philippines and I honestly did not want to leave. It didn’t help that I only had 2 hours of sleep from staying up last night.


I had to wake up at like 4 am because we had to be in the airport early. This was the saddest day ever. I wanted to run out of the airport and just stay in the Philippines forever.


Ofcourse I had to take a quick selfie before I leave. This smile was only for the camera. I was actually crying on the inside.


This was my real emotions showing when I got on the plane! Excuse my face but I was super sad I didn’t want my vacation to end!


It was raining when we left, Im sure even the God’s were sad for me. I realized I didn’t even bother taking pictures because I wasn’t in the mood. But we eventually came back to my cold, snowy, and boring state. I was not looking forward to it at all


I would much rather be sitting on the beach or chilling in the hot springs rather than freezing my ass to death. The snow is getting a bit annoying. I just want the warm weather back in the Philippines!

Well once I got home I flopped on my bed, and we went out to eat at Sizzlers I absolutely love their rolls! I definitely ate a big meal as well because I never eat on airplanes. I just don’t like airplane food. Once dinner was over we went back home and I slept for about 22 hours. Wasn’t that such a great way to spend my first day of 2016?


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