Who are you?
and how will you prove
that you’re different?
What is your role in this world?
Most importantly,
what is your role in my life?

Those are the things,
I constantly ask myself
Often confused and restless
Sometimes I over think
and my chest begins to ache

They say that I should look
for someone who can give me the right amount of affection.
And that I should be careful, because it might not be perfection.
But who are they to direct my feelings?
Who are they to tell me what’s right?

I have to admit I was afraid
to fall for you, but I knew the day would come and my heart
would yearn for you.
So what else can I do? It’s like my feelings keep growing deeper and deeper and I don’t know if it’s true.

I often ask myself what is this I am feeling? I know it’s been here since the beginning. But somehow I haven’t managed to understand it completely.
Am I really falling deeply?
My mind might disagree, constantly arguing. But my heart yells yes Im falling uncontrollably.
There were times when my mind was so confused, racing through millions of thoughts and unanswered questions.

I never planned to have feelings for you, and I have no idea what I should do. You’re quite hard to read, but I managed to see through the pages. And after all these years, you’re still the star that shines the brightest.

With the fear of knowing that you might not be able to catch me, thats alright just make sure that you’ll never hurt me.

I want to know what you’re feeling
Wondering if I’m the name that your heart is calling. I want to know my worth to you, yet I fear to know the truth.
You are the only one in my heart, is it time for these feelings to be seen?
I feel as though Ive kept it hidden, wondering how long it’s been.

Would it be okay for me to tell you,
Right timing is the only thing that my heart is waiting for,
to prove that these feelings
are true and to make sure
that I won’t ever lose you.


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