Happy Hearts Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
How are you guys spending your valentine’s day? Well wether it’s with a friend, a family member, a lover, a pet, or by yourself make sure it’s special! Always remember that the best gift you can give a loved one is not the most expensive jewerly, chocolates, or roses. The best gift you can give is your time and attention. So make this day special for your loved one! Actually, make every single day of 2016 special for your loved one, because we shouldn’t limit ourselves one day to make that special someone feel extra special. Make it all year round!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a valentine, you have yourself. Treat yourself, go have dinner or watch a movie or do something that you really love. Go to the spa, get your hair done, go shopping. Heck buy yourself a valentine’s card. Appreciating yourself is just as important as appreciating the people you love. So whatever it is you’re doing for Valentine’s Day make sure it makes you happy. And if you don’t celebrate it then that’s great too. As long as you’re having a good day today.

As for me, I will be spending my day with my mother. I actually made her some cupcakes yesterday.


They are chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting. I am actually thinking about posting recipes on here because I bake quite often.
Anyway I made these for Valentine’s Day for my mother and I. We might go out today and watch a movie but I’m not sure. It’s not exactly the best day to go do things because its snowing. The weather is so annoying! These are one of the days that I wish I was back in the Philippines!
So I got Lindt Truffles and those are my mom’s flowers. To be honest, Lindt are my favorite chocolate brand! The truffles are good but I do prefer the bars because I like to eat it melted. Nevertheless I love the truffles as well.
The surprise inside!
Anyway, since it was Valentine’s Day I was inspired to write some poetry (theyre not really that good) but I do write them a lot. Heres a little secret, I have unpublished poems on this blog. Maybe one day I’ll publish them but for now, I’ll keep them private (ooh scandalous)
I am wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! And I hope someone makes you smile today (if you make yourself smile then that counts too).
Sending you all hugs and kisses(the chocolate).


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