Day 8: SM Glorietta, Manila 12.26.15

Today was one of my favorite days! Because if you can’t tell by the title, we went shopping!
So before going to the mall, we went to go get my grandma first. We actually got lost because to get to her place you need to drive by a series of small streets and it was in the slums area so the signs were pretty much gone. But anyway we managed to get to her. We arrived at the mall just before lunch time and there we met up with my aunt Cecille. We ate at a restaurant calledΒ Shakey’s I think they only have that in the Philippines but I might be mistaken.

They are well known for their crispy chicken and mojos! We devoured this basket of chicken, and also had carbonara, and pizza.

Here are some selfies that we took after eating! We obviously had to take some selfies at one point! Anyway after we ate, the original plan was to watch MMFF’sΒ My Bebe Love but since the movie was so popular, the ran out of tickets. Which is why we decided to take pictures by the posters instead.

After being super disappointed because I couldn’t watch the movie, we decided to take everyone shopping instead!Β 12362255_1561450564146278_410480627_n(1)

After 5 hours of shopping we took my grandma and aunts home and went back to the hotel so we can prepare for our adventure tomorrow!


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