Day 2: Mall of Asia 12.20.15
Today was a day well spent with family and friends. We went to the Mall of Asia to shop for swimsuits and clothes for our beach trip the next day.

So we met up with my aunts at the mall of asia, we also met up with my mom’s best friend who she hasn’t seen in years. At first we ate some Filipino food at this filipino restaurant called Aling Nene’s which is well known for their lechon and filipino delicacies. After that we went to mall of asia and went shopping! I bought some dresses for the beach trip and my aunts bought some swimsuits.


Here’s one of the dresses that I bought from a brand called Candy’s It’s a really cute lace, off shoulder dress. I also bought that bag from Forever 21. Ootd taken on Christmas Day.


Heres another dress from the same shop. Ootd taken on Christmas Eve.


And here was my ootd from that day. I was wearing a romper from Macy’s and I braided my hair because it was a mess.
Anyway, moving on from all the oufits, after we finished shopping my aunts went home and we ate at a restaurant called Aristocrat with a family friend and my cousin.




Here are some selfies from that dinner. It was another day well spent. But tomorrow’s adventure is fun-er.


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