So I’m going to be posting about every single day that Im in the Philippines. I just thought this is a great way to blog about my two weeks trip to the Philippines! So here it goes…

Day 1: Manila 12.19.2015
I woke up pretty early that day because I was really excited to get on with the day. I was extra excited to go out but sadly, it was raining.


Heres an instagram worthy pic that I took of my hotel room window when I woke up. Also another problem was my mom got super jetlagged and sick so she couldn’t go out. My dad and I ate breakfast at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I had a chocolate frap with salt bread or pandesal which is a type of bread well known in the Philippines.


Heres a quick snap of my breakfast before I devoured it. I know it doesn’t seem much but I got super full to be honest. Then the family members came over. My aunts and cousin from bith side of the family. Since I was dying to go out and explore I begged my parents to let us go to the mall. So we ended up going without my mom since she needed to rest.



Heres a family photo courtesy of my selfie stick at the condo lobby of the place we were staying in. So since we couldn’t fit in one cab we had my granda and two other aunts go to the mall first. Then after they got on the cab it was time for us to go cab hunting. Unfortunately we couldn’t get any cabs, and we ended up riding a jeepney, a type of transportation in the Philippines, which was an experience then we walked like 15 minutes to the mall. I mean walking, no big deal right? But it was raining cats and dogs and it was humid. That was another experience. When we finally got to the mall, my curly hair went down because of humidity and my legs were wet from the rain. But atleast we got to the mall right? I got super hungry from walking so we ate at Max’s Restaurant at the Glorrietta Mall.





Here are some pictures from that late lunch and early dinner. Then a friend of my dad’s came and I got bored so my cousin Ryan and I went up to play at the arcade called Timezone with my aunts. We spend 500 pesos in there and won like 2000 tickets. It was super fun! After that we kind of just walked around the mall. My cousin Ryan stayed in the hotel with us because I wanted to spend time with him while I was there. It was a pretty hectic first day but still fun!


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