It could have been us, we could have been a perfect match. We could have been the fairytale I have always imagined. The happiness I have always wanted. We could have been a love that not even time can destroy.

I thought you finally realized that I am worthy of your love. But then you found her and she led you to another path. She broke your heart and you were hurting. And there was me, still yearning I remember saying I would never hurt you because my love for you does not have room for sorrow. Yet there you go again searching for another, and for some odd reason you never seem to wonder, what could have been us.

Thinking one day you will realize that maybe, just maybe, it never worked out with anyone else because you were meant for me. But now that thought is beginning to fade, and Im beginning to believe that the right time for us will never happen. I am done imagining what could have been us. Because now it’s clear that there will  never be an us.


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