He is all she thinks about, yet he’s over there thinking about someone else.
She sits on her bed daydreaming about him, but there he is dreaming about someone else.
He is all she wants, but he’s over there wanting someone else.
She stares at him with awe, yet he won’t even look her way. She talks about him as if he was the greatest thing in the world, yet all he ever talks about is her.
She tries to impress him, but he doesn’t notice. Because he is too busy trying to impress someone else.
She cries to sleep every night wishing he would be there to wipe her tears, but he is already occupied, trying to comfort someone else.
She wants to tell him how she feels, but he won’t even listen because he’s got all ears on someone else.
She’s probably already in love with him, but he will never notice. Because he loves someone else.


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