So Friday night, which was last night my friends and I decided to help out on a service project for Key Club. It was to decorate for the stomp to help out with teen homelessness. It probably sounds boring but it’s not. So we were divided in different groups and my friends and I opted for the fireplace group.
Fireplace as in making a fireplace (not a real one ofcourse) It was just to make the set up look really cozy. Making the fireplace was actually really fun. We had to get tons of colored paper and google different types of fireplace models. To our surprise it actually came out pretty well. These are the fireplace in the making pictures:






It took about 2 and a half hours for us to finish this fireplace. Maybe because we were just messing about half of the time but we managed to make it look decent. I actually love how it turned out to be! Here are some pictures with us being all proud of our fire place.




I think our fireplace turned out really well. Dont you? Well anyway after we finished setting up, I went to Alexi’s house until we had to leave for the stomp. We basically just ate pizza and did karaoke. I think I have a video but I’m not sure. We were just jamming out to a bunch of songs and dancing like crazy! We were pretty much warming up for the stomp πŸ˜‚
Aaaaand then the time for the stomp has finally come and the rest was history (;

Girl Online, going offline xxx


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