On Friday, November 13th 2015 Justin Bieber released his album Purpose. It has been a while since he released a new song or let alone a whole album. I couldn’t contain my excitement so I just had to post about this.
As we all know Justin has done things in the past. That he is not exactly proud of, he was at his lowest point but this year he is trying to recover. He has said a public apology about things he has done. He apologized to his fans, and he let everyone know that he is only human. He makes mistakes and now he is trying to learn from them.

Justin finally got back on stage at the VMAs. Singing his single What Do You Mean? Then last week he had a special appearance on The Ellen Show which was called Bieber Week on Ellen. There he promoted his upcoming album, Purpose. He also announced that he is going on tour beginning March 9 2016. He has already announced dates for the US leg of the tour but the rest will be announced prior.

I bought his album, ofcourse, and the songs made me an emotional wreck. Im going to be honest, I cried when I listened to Purpose, screamed when I listened to his angelic voice in Mark My Words, laughed on how shady he was in Love Yourself and danced when Sorry came on. I love every single song on that album.

I am just so proud of Justin because he showed everyone that no matter how many times you fall, no matter how many people try to bring you down and no matter how hard life can get- you can always get back up because there are still a lot of people who love and believe in you. I have been a Belieber since day one. I will be on Justin’s side forever. I will be here through the good and bad times. People doubted him, but I will always believe in him.

Now Justin, I know you’ll never see this but I just want you to know that even though you have made mistakes in the past, I am still proud of you because you showed the world how you managed to over come the hardships. I also want you to know that I have been here since the beginning and no matter what happens I will always be by your side because I am your belieber. I love you Justin, thank you for letting us in to your life through your music.

Now back to Purpose. I want you to go buy his album right now. Click here to buy it on iTunes! Here is the list of songs from his amazing album
1. Mark My Words
2. I’ll Show You
3. What Do You Mean?
5. Love Yourself
6. Company
7.No Pressure
8. No Sense
9.The Feeling
10. Life is Worth Living
11. Where Are Ü Now
12. Children
14. Been You
15. Get Used To It
16.We Are
18. All In It
I can promise you that every single song on this album has meaning and is just amazing. I literally can’t find words to describe it. Im just so proud of Justin. My fangirl heart can’t help it.
Now I mentioned that he’s going to have a tour. The question is Am I going to bis concert? Well that’s for another blog post (;

Girl Online, going offline xxx


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