Happy Sunday everyone! Today is the start of a new month! I am so happy that it is finally November. This means I am feeling the Christmas vibe even more. I am just so hyped for Christmas, I can not even explain it. I hope you guys are excited too, because I will definitely be talking about my excitement for Christmas way more now that it is November. Also, it’s finally starting to feel Christmasy especially with daylight savings ending and all. Anyway here are my currentlys this fine Sunday afternoon!


my AP US History text book. I have not been reading the chapters that I was supposed to read, so I am catching up on some last minute reading. Very typical of me *rolls eyes* I am also reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I have always wanted to read that book, and now I finally have a chance to read it! I am only on the first chapter, and so far so good.

The Sunday Currently vol. 3

to a movie I am watching in the background whilst writing this blog post. Also to my fingers tapping away on this keyboard, if that counts.

about Christmas, told you I was really feeling the Christmas vibe. Also about my very exciting holiday that is coming up  soon.

the amazing smell of bread cooking in the oven. I am making a bread called pan de sal, it pretty much means “salt bread” it is a famous bread in the Philippines, usually consumed for breakfast.

that I do not have to go to school tomorrow. Monday mornings are always the worst. Also wishing that I have Domino’s pizza right now.

to go to the mall. It has been a while since the last time I shopped.

my sleep wear clothes which is a t shirt and shorts. Yes, I am still wearing my sleep wear clothes at 3 pm because I am a lazy bum.

Zoella’s vlogs. I have not been able to watch her vlogs since school started in August. Today I was able to watch a couple of her daily vlogs and I am absolutely loving it! I forgot how much I love watching You Tube videos/vlogs until today. So happy I got to finally catch up on You Tube vlogs.

Domino’s pizza, I have been craving it for weeks now.

to lose weight. I really want to lose at least ten pounds before December 1st.

tired, my brain actually hurts–literally and figuratively–from reading a whole chapter from my AP US History text book. It was like 20 pages, and my brain is exhausted.

I hope November brings good vibes, good food *cough* Thanksgiving *cough*, and happy thoughts! Let us start this new month with positivity and do not forget to smile! Have a great November everyone!

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Girl Online, going offline xxx


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