We all have characteristics that we look for in a person. We all have an ideal man or woman. The following is a list that I would love a guy to have. Now obviously, it is impossible for someone to have everything on this list, I mean it would be great if they did but unfortunately, no one is that perfect. This is just something that I thought of when I was daydreaming about my future prince charming *wink wink*

Killer Eyes
Eyes are actually the first thing I notice on a person, so if I don’t run out of oxygen every time you look at me, then honey you are not my type.

Irresistible Smile
The type of smile that will make me melt. Especially if they look good with a half smile, I literally can not handle it.

Singing Talent
I just absolutely love it when guys can sing, I know every girl says that *rolls eyes* But I seriously have a thing for guys that can sing, usually when they have R&B voices. It just makes me feel some type of way. If you can make me fan girl, then boy you are the one.

I mean who doesn’t like a gentleman?

I know some guys has a hard time with this one. But seriously, it wouldn’t kill you to buy flowers, write a letter, sing me a song, hold my hand, or even just compliment me. Being romantic does not mean you have to spend money on everything.

Notice the Little Things
they may be little, but they matter. Take the time to get to know me, and you’ll find out every little thing about me.

I like to feel protected, and safe around him

To me, to his family, to my family, to elders.

Just be real with me, and we can make it work. No lies, no bullshit.

Well that’s about it, for now. I got some of these characteristics from my celebrity crush. I think this is about everything. What about you, do you have an ideal man/woman?

Girl Online, going offline xxx


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