We are halfway through October, it’s almost Halloween. Leaves are falling and changing colors. Sweater weather is finally here! October through January is definitely my favorite time of the year! There are so many exciting holidays that come up. Especially Christmas, my absolute favorite holiday! I am so happy that it is cold enough to wear a sweater without sweating like crazy. There is just something about wearing cute and cuddly sweaters that makes me feel so happy 🙂 Also, there is not a better feeling than drinking hot coco on a cold wintery night. The thought of it just makes me grin from ear to ear. If you do not think that this time of the year is the best, then you are out of your mind. I mean who doesn’t like being able to sit around the fire place while drinking hot coco and listening to Christmas music? The thought of it makes me even more excited! Let’s not forget about cute winter clothes such as boots, sweaters and beanies! You gotta love autumn right?

Of course let us not forget about the amazing holidays during this time of the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Well I don’t really celebrate Halloween by trick or treating anymore. I know, you’re probably thinking that I’m crazy, but I just don’t feel like trick or treating anymore. If I really wanted candy that bad I would just buy some for myself to eat while watching horror movies on Halloween. Which is what I usually do, I feel like there is not a better way to spend Halloween than watching scary movies. Then we have Thanksgiving, to be honest my family does not celebrate Thanksgiving. You are probably thinking why the heck not? Well because we are Filipinos, and in the Philippines we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, because we do all of the feasting on Christmas day!

Christmas is a huge holiday in the Philippines, and when I say that I mean they literally start counting down on September. I am not even joking, people start decorating their homes when the “-ber” months come. You can really feel the Christmas spirit there, even before December comes around. That is exactly why I am such a Christmas person, because I grew up with so much Christmas spirit around me, and I just love it so much. Everything about Christmas is appealing to me. I just love…decorating the Christmas tree with lights and ornaments, shopping for gifts and wrapping them, helping my mom make food for the whole fam, and of course sitting around the fire while drinking hot coco and listening to Christmas music. It is just the best thing ever! Now I am really feeling the Christmas vibe. Also, this Christmas is going to be extra special, because I get to spend it in the Philippines! Christmas season over there is the absolute best! I am most excited! I hope my excitement gets you hyped for Christmas as well.

Girl Online, going offline xxx


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