Once again,
when she finally thought that she loves her self just the way she is,
she compares her self to another girl,
 I wish I had her body, 
I wish I had her smile,
I wish I was as talented,
I wish I was as beautiful
Wow I wish I was her,
she thought.

Once again she starts hating on every single thing about her body
Her skin isn’t clear enough, she thought
Her nose is too big, she thought
Her smile is not perfect, she thought
Her height is not where she wants it to be
She’s too fat, she thought
Her eyebrows are ugly, she thought
Her hair is too dry, she thought

and no matter how hard she tries to change the way she looks
she still thinks she is not good enough.
she continues to compare her self to others
and think I will never be as beautiful as her.

She tries so hard to lose weight
does all sorts of diets,
stops eating the food that she loves,
just to lose all of the fat in her body
because she thought that maybe, just maybe,
everything will change once she is finally skinny.
Because she thinks that being skinny is the closest she will ever be to being beautiful.


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