1. Chocolate. Not white, not dark – but milk chocolate.
2. Ice cream! Specifically hot fudge sundaes or just regular chocolate.
3. Water. I know that sounds weird don’t judge me, I just like to be hydrated.
4. Chocolate Chip Lava Cookie from  Red Lobster. It is heaven – quite literally and figuratively.

Hold on for a second, this makes it look like all the things that make me happy are food. Trust me, I’m not that fat. Now back to the list.

5. Dresses. I am a sucker for cute dresses. There’s just something about wearing a dress that makes me feel good.
6. Best friend a.k.a shitface
7. Pineapples. I would have to say that pineapples are my absolute favorite.
8. Great hair days. Nothing boosts my confidence better than having great hair days. It just makes me really happy.
9. Music.
10. Baking.
11 Shopping, it’s basically my cardio.
12.Family even if they annoy me
13.  Pink roses. I just love pink roses, everyone else opts for red or white but I like pink roses
14. Youtube videos
15. Potato Corner’s cheddar cheese fries
16. Starbucks! Mocha creme frap
17. Clear skin. I mean who doesn’t find joy in having clear skin?
18. Christmas it’s the best time of the year!
19. My birthday, the second best time of the year.
20. Traveling. Specifically to the Philippines. There’s always a nice feeling that goes with traveling back home.


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