Do you ever look back at your old photos with people that you no longer associate yourself with and think, “wow I actually wish I can go back to that.” If you have, then that makes the two of us. I think I’ve done that way too many times. I have this old friend, who used to be my best. Now I don’t know if he/she (trying to keep it anonymous here) still considers me as their best friend or if I should even still consider them as my best friend. All I know is it has been a while since the last time we’ve talked.So, to my close friend… Well hi there. I remember we used to be so close. We used to say that we were even gonna be each others neighbor. Planning the future as if it were tomorrow. We used to do everything together. Boy do I have tons and I mean tons of pictures of us. We had one of those friendships that was real. The type that seemed like we were siblings than just friends. I guess seeing those pictures made me miss you. I remember we could talk about the most irrelevant and ridiculous things. You knew all my secrets and I knew yours. I used to think that we could never get tired of talking to each other, but at one point we did. I know I told you that I would keep talking to you, and I’m sorry if I have not been able to keep a conversation. Maybe because I know that things are not the same anymore.

I guess as time changes people, it also changes relationships. We just have to accept that everything that’s made is bound to fall apart. That goes for friendships as well, I guess there are some exceptions, but we definitely were not one of them. We had a great friendship, and I’m happy to have had that closeness with you. I’m happy that we have memories that I can hold on to.

I’m happy that you are still in my life and that we get to talk, maybe not as often as we used to,from time to time. Our closeness may not have lasted but it’s something I’ll never forget.
I miss you.
Love, your close friend.

Girl Online, going offline xxx


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