Wow I’m officially 17 years old. How crazy is that? I can’t believe it I feel so old. I turned 17 on October 7th. I didn’t really do anything exciting, I went to school as usual, my friends sang happy birthday to me and stuff. Then I went home and got cake and food. I don’t really celebrate my birthday anymore. I think the last time that I threw a party was when I was 10 years old. I don’t really see the point in throwing a party every year for my birthday anymore. I mean as long as I have cake I’m happy! So yeah, you guessed it. All I did was eat cake, and take selfies of course.

wpid-snapchat-6928338187022465341.jpg wpid-snapchat-3890718282425618498.jpg wpid-snapchat-3504369383490054417.jpg


Basically the selfie queen right? (; I present to you the different faces of Isabela when she takes selfies.I guess I just felt good about how I looked that day, so I took a bunch of selfies!

Now on to the cake. My cake was a triple chocolate ice cream cake. It was so good! Just thinking about it makes me crave it so badly!

wpid-20151007_191651_richtonehdr.jpg wpid-20151007_191809_richtonehdr.jpg wpid-20151007_191827_richtonehdr.jpg

There’s my cake! Wow I really want some right now, too bad I basically devoured it all. Anyway, I am just thankful for that day. I was with my family, and friends earlier. I’m thankful for everyone who greeted me happy birthday. Even though I didn’t really do anything special, I still wanted to post about it because I’m doing an extension of my birthday in December. I know that seems weird but I want to celebrate it again with my family in the Philippines. So, tune in for that!

Now here’s to more pictures of me, because I watch Maine Mendoza too much, making me do weird faces every time I take a selfie, and of course I can’t help but do the phenomenal “pabebe wave”

wpid-snapchat-4401330663501988252.jpg wpid-snapchat-2193812379032997124.jpg wpid-snapchat-1928332249852125428.jpg wpid-snapchat-8697541843099087680.jpg

I’m pretty proud of myself for surviving 17 years of my life, and for keeping a positive attitude no matter what happens. I’m also happy because I’m satisfied with my life. I always remind my self that la vie est belle. That’s pretty much the motto that I live by, if you even consider that a motto at all. I’m looking forward to more birthdays, more happiness, more selfies, and more cakes!

Girl Online, going offline xxx


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