Can we just talk about the hottest love team of all time? Yeah Im pretty sure if you’re from or if you live in the Philippines then it’s doubtless that you know who “AlDub” is. Well if you don’t let me explain who they are. Aldub is a love team that was made accidentally from a segment of Eat Bulaga, a filipino noon time show. The “Al” in Aldub is Alden Richards, a very handsome filipino actor.


I know, he’s so cute right? Anyway, before I lose my shish and start fangirling… The “Dub” in AlDub is Yaya Dub, which is a screen name/character name for Maine Mendoza. She was discovered because of her viral dubsmash videos. Now, she’s considered one of the fastest rising stars in Filipino show business.


Their love team wasn’t intended. One day, when Maine or “Yaya Dub” was “dubsmashing” on the show Eat Bulaga, the camera turned to Alden and she immediately smiled and lost her focus. It was so simple yet so sensational. Now, they’re known as one of the hottest love teams ever! The Aldub nation is also one of the most powerful fans. They always make Aldub trend on twitter. On Saturday, September 26, 2015 Alden was invited by Lola Nidora, the antagonist of the show, to her mansion to let him court Maine. It was the first time we got to see the mansion, and it was also the first time Alden was able to visit the mansion. It was also the first time that they touched each others hands! Everyone went crazy during that episode, even I did! Anyway, the Aldub nation managed to trend  #ALDubEBforLove number one world wide with a record of 25.6 million tweets! Can you believe that? That’s crazy. This picture basically sums up how Aldub started.

COGuEYGUEAAIs_t wpid-screenshot_2015-09-26-20-52-28-1.png

Anyway, I am so freakin’ obsessed with them two. Especially that episode on the 26th because it was just so sweet. They showed that chivalry is definitely not dead. So basically, Lola Nidora, yaya dub’s grandmother, the antagonist who is now getting nicer, let Alden visit Maine in the mansion, with 3 conditions.
First, he needs to sing God Gave Me You by Brian White. Which is basically to serenade her. It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Alden cried halfway through singing the song. I think he really felt the emotions and the message of the song. Also, I think the song reminded him of his late mother who passed away a few years ago.


A lot of people think that this was scripted, but I doubt it. It’s so obvious that he really got emotional. When I watched this I wanted to go inside my television and just hug him! I can tell this song means a lot to him.The second condition was he needed to bring food. He brought tons of food as gifts, because in the Philippines the traditional way of courting a girl is to serenade her ✓ bring food as a gift ✓ court her at her house ✓. He’s basically trying to bring back the old traditions. The third and final condition was no touch and one foot apart. It was basically the hardest thing ever for them to do, because they seldom see each other their romance is basically a split screen romance.   wpid-wp-1442172413831         download (1)

Even in commercials they have to do it in split screen…. CPWIOmMUwAA_umE

They never really see each other that much, but when they do it’s the cutest and bestest thing in the world. The first time they saw each other was when Maine had to perform in the studio. They saw each other at the hallway back stage after Maine’s performance, when they were about to run for each other’s arms, a card board came down and blocked them from each other, as shown in the pictures below.

aldub-meeting-eat-bulaga-facebookaldub first meeting

The second time they met was when they were both kidnapped by the same person. They were able to stand in front of each other, but blindfolded!


The third meet up was a date!!! Like oh my gosh finally right? There’s no blind folds, no card board….but wait there’s a catch.



Yeah that’s the catch. Do you see how freakin long that table is? Imagine trying to have a date with someone with a table that long! So basically, everytime they finally get to meet up there’s always something that keeps them from getting close to each other. Which is why September 26th was one of the greatest events in Aldub history because they were able to see each other, and get close without anything in their way.

one_foot_aldub                      wpid-screenshot_2015-09-26-20-50-58-1.png  wpid-screenshot_2015-09-26-20-50-53-1.png                             wpid-20150926_204920.png                 wpid-screenshot_2015-09-26-20-51-05-1.png          wpid-screenshot_2015-09-26-20-51-20-1.png                             wpid-screenshot_2015-09-26-20-52-07-1.png wpid-screenshot_2015-09-26-20-52-17-1.png



It was so ‘kilig’ I was fangirling so much! I couldn’t help it. Not only did they see each other, their hands touched! Also, the house was obviously air conditioned but this picture on the left, you can really see that Alden is sweating! Like wow he’s nervous. I think he felt like he was actually courting a girl that he loves. Also, at the end of the date, when Alden left the mansion, Maine gave him a letter that says his real name which is Richard Faulkerson Jr. and said that it was for his eyes only…hmmm I wonder what the letter says. WowThis was the front of the letter, Alden posted it on his Instagram.

Then when I thought that things couldn’t get any better…on October 3rd 2015, Maine goes to the studio and they were able to shake hands, and have lunch together but this time without the long table!

Alden-and-Maine-at-Broadway                           images

aldub first akbay shoulder yaya dub alden richards maine mendoza eat bulaga visit tvj broadway buko juice straws         CQZjwcxUYAARaju

These are the pictures taken from that day. Basically the event highlights from when she went to the studio.

I just wanted to post about Aldub because I am obsessing over them right now. I’m actually hoping to meet them when I go to the Philippines this December. I think I might watch the show that they’re on. Fingers crossed that I’ll able to meet Alden, since he’s the one in the studio. If I do, I’ll definitely be posting about it!

Girl Online, going offline xxx


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