Hello! This blog post is dedicated to my second love, travelling. I love to travel! When Im older I want to be able to travel the world. So far my favorite place to go to is the Philippines. That’s where my parents are from, and it’s where I was born. I recently went to the Philippines for a vacation, last year around November.


This was a photo I took when I was looking over the Manila Bay. The hotel that I stayed in was standing on water. So, I had a really great view of the bay.

wpid-20141025_073101.jpg wpid-snapchat-7193385617975755813.jpg

These are photos that I took when I was on the plane. I think this was on the way to the Philippines. The flight was sooooo long! I had to go into three different airplanes, and one of the plane rides lasted 17 hours. It was so tiring!! But the flight was worth it because I got to see my family and friends! And I got to take a break from school, even just for a little bit.




These are my family and friends! The top photo includes all of my family members, that’s when we went to Duty Free to go shop for chocolates and food! The second photo is my friend, Darla and I. We hung out at the mall all day. Its been like 10 years since the last time that I saw her. I was so glad to be reunited with her! The bottom photo was taken at the pool with my cousin. We were having a nice swim. I was taking advantage of the warm weather since it was winter at the time in Utah, which is where I’m from.


This is an awkward picture of me posing in front of the hotel label. I stayed at the H2O hotel in Manila. It was a nice stay. My hotel room had an aquarium with lots of fishies. It was very cool. I loved my stay there especially because I was near the sea. The hotel was literally standing on water. There’s so much to love about the Philippines and one of them is that it’s an island which means lots of beaches!

The thing that I loved the most about the Philippines is the warm weather. I was so happy to be in the sun after coming from a wintery and cold Utah! Luckily I get to go back this year around Christmas time!!! I am soooo excited about it. I can’t wait. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and it’s even better that I’ll be able to spend Christmas in the Philippines. I am most excited.

Girl Online, going offline xxx


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