Hello world! So this is a picture of me, with make up on, and it is kind of weird because I do not wear make up on a daily basis. Anyway welcome to my blog! I do not know what I want my intro to be so I am just going to start off by talking about blog inspirations.

I have a few inspirations for this blog. I recently came across Maine Mendoza’s blog and I loved it. Especially her theme, its pretty much my inspiration for how my blog looks. I also get some ideas from her content, because they’re really on point but of course I try to be original so I don’t just copy other people’s contents! Another inspiration is Zoe Sugg’s blog. Of course she’s a professional. Her blog is just perfect She has more of a beauty blog than anything, though. Nevertheless it’s still amazing! So are you thinking why the heck did she title her blog Girl Online? Well since you already know that Zoe Sugg is my inspiration, I got that name from her…in a way. She wrote a book called Girl Online and it’s about a girl keeping a blog. I thought it was a really cute concept. Also my outro Girl Online, going offline xxx comes from the book. If you want to check it out you can buy it on Amazon, I believe.

Now let me talk about some of my faves. First of all, photography I just love photos! So if I see an “instagram worthy” scenario then I wouldn’t think twice about taking my camera out! I usually take photos of when the sky looks nice or when I travel. Im also a very bubbly person, I love to sing and I love to be me! Well that’s about it…for now. You’ll get to know me as I post more on this blog! Right now, you can try to figure me out.

wpid-temp_1442364406537_-260633032               wpid-screenshot_2015-09-15-20-28-10-1

Well that’s really about it, now always remember. La vie est belle.

Girl Online, going offline xxx


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